Speeding up Angular in Production

When using certain directives, Angular attaches additional (unnecessary) debug information to the elements they are applied to. When we use interpolation or data-binding directives to evaluate an expression, Angular adds an additional ng-binding class to the directive’s, or directive’s parent element. Say we have a scope property like this: app.controller(‘AppController’, [‘$scope’, function ($scope) { $scope.name = ‘Troy’; }]); And we have an expression in our HTML code like this: <p>Hello {{name}}!
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Automate your ssh-keygen process

A lot of developers I know use a single id_rsa key to connect to every server. That’s a terrible idea from a security perspective. Especially if you’re connecting to servers you don’t manage. Basically ssh keys are a lot like passwords: More diversity == less risk. PSA: Never use DSA or ECDSA for encryption. Ed25519 is the best, but not fully supported, so generally I stick with 4096 bit RSA.
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fixing ACLs on OS X Server

If you’ve experienced issues copying/renaming files and folders OS X server from your desktop, especially over SMB - it’s most likely a permissions issue. Generally most people use groups to manage permissions on their fileshare, but sometimes a new file/folder created by a user does not inherit those group permissions. IE: Joe and Brett both belong to the “managers” group. The managers group has “read/write” access for the shared folder. Everything works fine.
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